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After a long day of school, most kids would rush home to watch their favorite cartoons or countdown of the latest musical hits during that era. Well, I did too. Yet, it did not bring me close to the amount of joy and excitement that a show like Ace of Cakes.  The architecture, details, and art of baking is mesmorizing! Have you ever gazed at the details of your birthday cake and wondered what it took to produce such a beautiful creation? Raises hand-- I have. 

I am a baker because I possess the desire to bring pure happiness. I started my passion for baking making cakes for friends…soon enough I started getting orders for the holidays (i.e Christmas, Kwanzaa). There is nothing better than hearing that deep sigh of enjoyment as they taste the rich flavors and delicate textures. Since then I have taken courses to enhance my technique. I take pride in the development of my artisanship. 

Producing quality baked goods means a lot to me. The same as it would for you to present it at your next occasion or indulge in for dessert. Tasha Got Cakes and your favorite treats. You do not want to miss out! I would love to cater your next event. Place your order today!

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